Thursday, March 20, 2008

What’s Your Brand Personality?

Consumers now view these brands as a ‘living entity’
How would you differentiate Nike's 'Just do it' from Reebok's 'I am what I am'? Both sell the same products, at almost the same prices and hold the same target audience. Still Nike's 'Sweat and Beauty' sells more than Reebok's 'We know you suck'.

Needless to say that in such markets people don’t turn to these brands for their offerings but because of the attitude these brands represent. These brands no longer offer mere products now, they are living experiences and identities in the minds of the consumers. Consumers now view these brands as a ‘living entity’ – an entity that speaks its mind, reflects its attitude and acts as an aide in acknowledging their eccentricities and whims. That is what we call– BRAND PERSONALITY!

The catch for this new generation of consumers is ' Be their friend'. The clutter and pressures of today's lifestyle has left the consumer flustered and beclouded. Loneliness is another hazard. However, the good news is people cling on to where they find value and stay where they find comfort. Therefore without infusing a feeling of security, accountability and ‘liking’ in the mind of the consumer, brand loyalties are difficult to achieve.

How to render a personality to your online brand??


If your goal is to generate sales through your venture then the first step will be to initiate an exhaustive research about your domestic as well the world market, determine SEO strategies, optimize shopping cart and navigation functionalities along with other e-paths.


Your homepage is your first interface with the visitor. Ensure that it makes him to stick to it by giving him what he wants, there itself. Banners displaying your core product or benefits for your consumer will act as a bait to hook him into reading more about it. Colorful pictures, layouts, interactive templates follow suit.


The most important element in building a brand, online as well as offline is 'trust'. The more real your conversations are with your consumers, the more accountable your business becomes in their mind. Internet is still in its nascence as far as this interactivity is concerned. If feasible, allow your consumers to raise requests and receive relevant suggestions based on those requests.


Your site content should be presented to your customers almost immediately. Content segregation in the form of bullets points, captions and brief paragraphs work best. Most importantly, visual presentations of messages are very helpful in creating an impression in the mind of the consumers.


Internet provides you with a flood of information in a no-pressure environment, with reigns solely in the hands of the users. Therefore traditional monotones of creating hype lose their credibility in this medium, where consumer behavior is regulated by product/price comparisons, variety and features.

As mentioned above, people associate a brand with the experience it gives to its customers. In e-commerce environment, there is no space or time for frustration. Information should be easily digested. Ordering should be quick and smooth and loading time almost instantaneous.

The idea is to catch the whim of the consumer and make him feel 'special' and 'cared for'. That's when a brand attains its own personality and becomes the consumer's friend.

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