Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Time to bid goodbye to ‘Purchase Anxiety’!

Internet today is a home to hundreds of thousands of medium and large online shopping stores. India is already witnessing an active e-consumer base of a stupendous 46 million presently, out of the Indian web population of 120 million. The irony however is, there are still a good 9 million potential buyers who do visit these e-stores but move away without purchasing any products. The simple reason is Purchase Anxiety!

Buying products from virtual shelves of this virtual media is what gives these potential customers cold feet, for every 1 user out of 10 suffers from the fear of the uncertainties involved in transacting online.

Certainly not pleasant news for the established as well as budding online entrepreneurs. However, to better the customers’ e-shopping experience, listed below are some guidelines that will reassure your customers that you are a reputable enterprise, valuing their privacy along with the quality of product.

Site Security Seals:
TNS Market Research showcases that identity and credit card thefts are the two greatest qualms that limit e-shoppers from buying online. Therefore every site should distinctly include information talking about various security seals employed to save purchase data from the hackers. This would give more transparency to the site.

Attach Testimonials:
Attaching testimonials to your site are a great way to build the trust factor with your customers. This gives people direct access to what other customers think and feel about their experience with you.

Get your facts right:
Whenever you state facts about a particular transaction, always be very specific. For example: If you want to talk about your sales, never talk about the projected score. Talk real! That's what makes you more credible.

Follows ups are a must:
Purchase anxiety does not end with the purchase itself. It should be in the best interest of the enterprise to keep updating the customers with the post-purchase processes till the product finally reaches in their hands. Informing the shopper about the following can be of great help:

• The order confirmation page
• Confirmation e-mails
• Shipping information and receipts

Incorporating these elements in your website will invariably add immense value to your site as well as your customers shopping experience. Once you value-add your portal with the said features, talk about each of them in the form of press releases or blogs to inform your customers about your initiatives.

Selling to people who actually want to hear from you is more effective than interrupting strangers who don't.

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