Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Time to say NO to Purchase Anxiety

The other day, a friend of mine wanted to shop for I-mate JASJAM mobile so we browsed through some major online retail outlets, seeking to get the best deal possible. And just when he was about to carry out the financials, what I witnessed still holds my memory like fresh paint. With sweaty palms and shivers all over the body, he just couldn’t get himself to type in a single digit of his credit card number. My friend had an Anxiety Attack.

Since then my only motive has been to gauge the fears confronted by such shoppers and its reasons of course. I am dedicating this blog to specifically address some common apprehensions:

Security: Owing to the growing curve of identity thefts, even avid shoppers get cold feet when they do not see any assured signs of data safety on their favorite online store.

Price: The possibility of there being a cheaper alternate to the same product.

Product Quality: The angst that the product may not be of the highest quality.

Location: The product could have been attained closer to home.
The product was made by an unknown source overseas.

Compatibility: Whether the product will be of the right shape, size or color or not.

Personal Taste: The product may/may not match the individual's exact specifications.

Delivery Service: Most sites do not mention any phone numbers for the customers to confirm the delivery status after the product is dispatched. This leaves no option for the consumer to immediately seek any information in the post-purchase phase.

While most of these apprehensions may seem trivial to an entrepreneur, it has held back a large percentage of potential shoppers, out of the entire online shopping community of 46 million.(According to Indian online retail figures) There are however, some players which have been constantly trying to address the varied needs of the consumers.

I was quite impressed by this online store-, a new player on board perhaps. What helped me to stay (longer than usual) on their site, was the mention of a security feature called '256- BIT Encryption' employed to protect the data information of the visitor.

I just happened to read its press release on India PR wire and thought of giving it a glance. And what I found here did make me 'stick around'. For people who thrive on electronics, this site is a must see. I found some deals to be pretty sparing in other product categories too. And yes! They only speak brands, which is good news.

Wish we could find this store when my friend was hunting for I-mate JASJAM. I found it here at a better bargain.

However, my next blog will entail the solutions that’ll help e-shop owners to dissolve all the apprehensions faced by the customers and make their buying experience devoid of any sweats and shivers. Stay on till then and shop smart!

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