Thursday, March 20, 2008

E-branding your way to success!

Which brand do I choose?
“Which brand do I choose?” I have lost count of how many times have I asked this question to myself. Everything time I decide upon a gadget, I visit sites and rumble-tumble goes my head. Every brand has a little extra than the other to offer and a little less than the previous one. Before your consumer gets lost in this frenzy, it’s time to define some e-branding tools.

Well, does that term seem new to you?? If yes, then very soon from now, this is the only term you’ll have marketing professionals talking about.

What is E-branding?

The web is on for a transformation spree. Internet in India is expected to have 120 million users by 2008. So if demand is on a rise, will supply be far behind? Certainly not!! Therefore we see a swarm of e-businesses seeding on this dynamic medium every single day, the largest being the Online Retail Industry. What are these businesses doing to make themselves known? Do they know that if they don’t make their customers ‘STICK AROUND’, their competitors are just a click away. Just a single click!!

Do you have friends? I’m sure you do! Doesn’t it feel great when your friend holds your hand when in trouble? Customers are also just like any of us, they thrive on relationships. In a world characterized by stress and clutter, if you understand their needs, guide them and show them you care, they'll trust you like no other. That is called BRAND LOYALTY. And when your consumer starts identifying you, among millions of similar players with similar faces too, without having to put in any extra efforts, THAT my friends, is called E-BRANDING!

Some examples are as follows:

Coke - Genuine, Family-oriented
Pepsi – Spirited, Young, Outgoing
Wall Street Journal - Accomplished, Competent
Mercedes, Lexus - Sophistication
Nike (versus LA gear) – Ambition

If you able to render this identity to your brand, rest assured, your customer will never and I mean NEVER elude you. Now the question is: How Do We Do it?
Watch out for my next blog as I unravel the mysteries!

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