Friday, March 21, 2008

How Do I begin E- branding?

No surprises here- let me jump in: How to build an E- brand?
Let’s start with the basics:

Get your goal right!

The first thing is to decide your reason of choosing the internet as a medium.

If you already have a presence offline i.e. in the 'real market', then having people to identify you makes it easy. In that case you can be called as a brand on the internet.

If you intend to generate sales from your business on the web (for eg. affiliate marketing, e-store, Search engine marketing etc.), then things may take time to shape up. You'll be required to carry out an extensive competitive research about the global market trends in your industry vertical.

Strike the cupid at the first glance!

Visitors dislike scrolling. So even before they see your homepage, which i'm sure may be inviting, relevant and cognate, their eye balls will on the topmost banner on your site. Only if they find something lucrative enough on that banner, will they stay to look around furthermore. That banner should be a snap shot of what your company does and the benefits it offers to the consumers. This will make the consumers wanting to know more.

The list of tools is a long one and I believe that curiosity is a virtue that should often be exercised. So until I put the rest of my experience in words, soak in all that is said and be ready to meet me right here again tomorrow.

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