Wednesday, March 26, 2008

NO more to Purchase Anxiety for your customers

The ‘new media’ has broken all shackles that traditional mediums laid. From being the information super highway, it is now turning into a dynamic marketplace facilitating people to not just transact but to actively interact as well. However, it has its lapses too.

In my last blog, I addressed the apprehensions that most shoppers confront while buying products online - security, cost and post delivery services being the primary parameters. In an industry which is spreading its wings by the second, there is certainly no space for anomalies like these to impede businesses from growing at the same rate. Or perhaps even higher!

But exist they do. And is also clogging potential buyers to shop online in scores (millions to be precise).

In this blog, I have tried to outline some remedies which, if employed by site owners can considerably help reduce purchase anxiety that online shoppers often undergo now a days. I thought to explain it best with an active example presently employing these measures. I have once again picked Retails Direct because of the following reasons:

Data security:

Telling your customer that you initiate all the stages of the purchase transactions through a secured server is the first step towards winning his heart. Incorporating security seals to protect your site from the hackers is therefore, a mandate.

Include personalized remarks:

Retails Direct has a unique feature of making its consumers rate as well as write their personal comments about any product purchased by them. This feature greatly eases the buying decision of other customers.

Include your source:

Retails Direct (RD) is seen to have a very transparent approach. If a customer seeks to get the details of a desired transaction, it can easily be acquired from the RD help desk. The customer care services are worth mentioning. Prospects should try this.

Contact Information:

Mentioning an e-mail id for contacting your business is not enough. My post purchase queries were very politely put to rest by their customer care executives. Talking to them over the phone was a big relief.

Inclusion of reputed certifications:

Retails Direct, though a newbie in the industry, already has 40 brand tie-ups to its credit. When asked about the authentication of the same, they sent me scanned copies of MOUs, seeing which all my doubts immediately vanished.

Be your consumer's friend:

People whether on net or offline, like to buy from someone i.e. a living entity and not from 'something' which gives them no real experience. Retails Direct has an active blogging site where you get to not only read what others have to say about it, but you also get to read messages from their business head and organization head in their official PRs at regular intervals.

Following –up, a mandate!

Purchase anxiety certainly doesn't end with the purchase. I just bought a Moto Rokr E6 from Retails Direct a week back and the post-purchase follow-up I received is one of the best I've got so far from any site. I was informed about every stage of delivery until it finally reached my hands.

The reason behind incorporating all these elements is not only to let your customer shop with ease but smartly as well. We are dwelling in a world where time is the new currency and if people have to spend more to save this new moolah, they will!

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