Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Time to improvise on your e-commerce sites

Time to improvise on your e-commerce sites

Is your online shopping portal lacking a good influx of traffic? Are you wondering how to pool in reader-base to your e-commerce site? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then it's high time for you to re-consider some online sales' strategies and work towards adding zing into them.

For many of the online retailers who are willing to revamp the look and structure of their portals along with other minute and major details, here is some sound advice on this issue. Through this blog, I wish to highlight some of the tips to serve the readers satisfactorily enough. Some of the key tips to remember for running a successful e-commerce website include:

- Detailed product information is the key
- Should be high up there in the search listings
- Promote the website link at every possible networking channel and other possible medium
- Added testimonials for authentications on the various merchants available with the site
- Offer free shipping facility to the consumers
- Add relevant landing pages for reference and assistance
- Use of multiple images is always helpful and attention retaining
- Site visitors should have access to user ratings and reviews

E-commerce is one of the most flourishing businesses both for the retail industry as well as the online domain in India. Due to the growing access to the Internet and increasing demand of variety and affordable prices, it has become a major tool in the hands of the retailers. And lastly, it's a known fact that a strong online presence is a deciding factor for the success and reach of a retailer across a large domestic section and even all around the globe.


raghav said...

Its good to read your articles but I have always been that careless dick who has never bothered to leave back a comment ;).Keep writing these articles as some of your points really help me in my web designing projects and I pass them on to my clients as my own 'wise' advices :).I am leaving back this comment(which I rarely do) so that you'll know that there's at least one fellow who is looking forward to your posts.

Furniture27 said...

Good article.

insecure_romeo said...

nice article..... very good info for people who want to start an e-commerce site

Kathleen, RN said...

Thank you for your article. The advice is good. I wish I could encourage my buyers to leave ratings. I have thought about using ratings that I see elsewhere on the Internet, when I sell the same product, but don't think that is quite kosher. I might use something like "what others say" about this product, but again, don't know if that's fair.

So, I'll have to work harder on that aspect of getting my website up to par. Thank you.

nhc1987 said...

Nice info. Thank you :)

mudge said...

Good writing, good looking, a very professional effort. Well done!

PhoenixBlogger said...

Very informative articles on online industry and specially towards Indian Retail industry is cool. Especially when world is looking towards these fast growing economy.

Nice efforts and try to add some fun by adding cartoons, photos and/or sketches.


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