Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why not to shop at the malls again!!

Before I start off with my blog, I would like to ask you as to when was the last time you went shopping to your nearest shopping mall? A week ago, a month back, and some would probably say that they have these virtual stores to shop for them and deliver goods like a trained pet, right? Hence, the question arises that with so much that an online store has to offer, do we really need shopping malls at all?

As the famous saying goes, “There is nothing permanent in this world except change”, it can be easily applied to the ever-changing trends in the retail industry. The whole 'sale and purchase' idea got a new meaning with the advent of online version of shopping. Today, it would not be advisable for any educated online shopper to hop back to shopping at the malls.

The big players in the online retail scene in India are trying every trick in their bags to convert online users into traffic and then converting it into visitors, then into buyers and finally, into a loyal consumer base. For this, the focus has shifted from merely providing products online to social communities and special offers which can only be availed at these virtual stores.

With the prospects of becoming a long-term successful industry, major e-stores like Indiamart, Futurebazaar, Retailsdirect and Indiaplaza are relying heavily on the online retail boom. They are leaving no stone unturned in accelerating the conversion rate of its user traffic. The most bankable factor for drawing in consumers from the offline domain is the 'convenience' factor of online shopping.

The most effective strategies of the major Indian e-stores are as follows:

- Indiamart:
It is a common platform for the online buyers and sellers, i.e., a B2B marketplace.
Highlights – Upcoming trade shows, divergent industry updates, international trade leads, tender notice via emails etc.

- Futurebazaar:
The finest brands online, user-friendly and simple design.
Highlights – Clearance sales, buying in bulk offers

- Retailsdirect:
India's first interactive store with a Video-Voice-Text-Chat facility.
Highlights- Group Bargains (Savings of upto 33% on products by creating groups to bargain), Cafe Retail (Earn redeemable RD coins, upload videos and photos)

- Indiaplaza:
US based shopping portal meant for trading and shipping to India and worldwide.
Highlights – Airtel gift certificates, Gifts to India.

The above strategies are a clear indication that the trend of online shopping is not merely restricted to the selection and buying process. One can use the wide reach and accessibility of the internet and various social media tools to develop interest and loyalty among the customers. So the next time you feel like shopping, chuck out shopping at the over-crowded malls and rather catch up with friends online and relax while you shop for your favourite products.


Neeraj said...

Really nice post...liked the subject of your blog.. Keep up the good work...

maduraiveeran said...

Well, sometimes it is good to get out and go to the mall atleast for window shopping and checking out deals. Just for a change, breathe some fresh air and all that.

Rajesh Kumar said...

Good post. Like all other things in our contry, we have contradictions in our buying behaviour too- and they are here to stay. I am sure there would be adapters and there would be tradionalists and probably both of them in significant measure.

kell said...

Yes the idea of online shopping is really good.We can save time and easily buy things through online shopping.I really appreciate for this concept in India..............

The Small Biz. Guru said...

As I'm poor, I like to roam and see what things I cannot afford...


~the GURU

Rain Frog Boutique said...

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Bikran said...

online shopping is a nice way of saving time and it not tiring too .But i prefer going out to window shopping as its fun . You get varieties to see and choose . nice write up richa and yeah your new look is also pretty interesting .

The Writer said...

I much prefer online shopping rather than searching for a car parking space, battling through the crowds, queuing in a hot shop and carrying heavy bags. Siting in front of my laptop, a cup of coffee to hand, getting my purchase delivered - A+++++