Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wondering how to sell online?

Firstly, the question that strikes our minds is whether online promotion is a necessary step in the product marketing or not? The answer is simple – Yes! If you're planning to globally sell products on a wide scale, then offline tools of marketing are not adequate to reach a considerably large consumer-base or boost up the overall sales of the products, besides being overtly expensive.

Generally, first-time online sellers are apprehensive of the methods of selling on the internet and indulge in ad-hoc ways of selling their products. However, they negate the possibility of reaching a wider audience base and getting a better positioning of their products for very minimal investment.
Coming back to the point, when one has decided to enter the online arena for his products, it is required that one takes the necessary measures on the online platform while planning to build up an online brand image and to reach the maximum audience composition,

The key aspects to be considered for online selling are as follows :

- Choose the products appropriate for online promotion – The appropriate selection of products for online marketing is also very essential in the initial stages. Some of the products like apparels, accessories and cosmetics are not instantly ordered online by the consumers. They prefer in testing the products and trying out different options before making a purchase.

- Online branding of the product – Building e-commerce sites, either on a small or major scale requires in-house expertise or an efficient website developing company.

- Selection of the payment mode – The mode of payment of e-stores ranges from credit card transactions to direct bank transfer. The provision of merchant accounts with secure web stores should be ensured.

- Aggressive promotion of the e-commerce site – There are various online tools employed for online promotion of shopping portals. These include search engine submissions, addition of site to different online directories, opt-in email campaigning, link exchange, banner and link ads.

Therefore, for initiating a larger consumer base for the products in the online medium, the generation of the traffic to the web stores is critical. In this regard, both online and offline modes of promotion should be considered for providing better visibility to the web stores.

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