Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Indian online stores getting hooked to e-community culture

More often than not, it's being argued that online shopping is convenient but yet an isolated activity. This format of easy-to-order-easy-to-deliver has been catching up with the tech-savvy buyers but it has always been looked upon as option out of necessity and not pleasure. In order to break this monotony, the concept of e-socializing was introduced to the online buying experience.

Apart from a few established online stores, most of new entrants and the upcoming e-retail ventures are banking heavily on the rising popularity of social networking within the online shopping domain. There are a number of major international e-stores who initiated the coupling of online shopping with social networking. Online giants like e-bay started their buyers' “Community” which was then followed by arch-rival Amazon's popular “Daily Blog” section.

The e-community trend has now moved-in to the Indian shopping terrain as well. Most of the upcoming Indian online stores and the Indian counterparts of the already established inter-nation e-retail brands are reaping in the benefits of shoppers' community and the latest Web 2.0 technology to create a loyal consumer base out of their readily generated user traffic on the sites.

Some of the popular community-based Indian shopping portals for your reference include:

- ebay India:
The global retail giant's Indian venture has a shoppers' community dedicated to registered users willing to chat, discuss, ask questions, leave messages and even leave feedback for the portal.

- Retailsdirect:
This site is arguable India's first interactive store ever. If you have anything to share, discuss, ask or answer on any issue/subject including shopping, this site has it. It also has video conferencing, (or Video-Voice Text-Chat facility, as they term it) and is based on Web 2.0 technology.

- Hindustanlink:
A site where you can do a lot more than shopping, including activities like Forum discussions, Blogging and Questions-Answers section as well.

All in all, Indian shopping portals need to take a leaf out of their international counterparts' online strategies. After the emergence and expansion of global shopping portals like eBay, Kaboodle, Zebo etc., there many e-stores of Indian origin which need to incorporate the concept of social networking to add that 'zing' lacking in them. Until then, the aforesaid e-stores are there to bring in your friends and favorite brands while you choose to laze around at home!!! (no offense intended)


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