Sunday, July 20, 2008

It is NOT so difficult to set up your own e-commerce website

If you think setting up an online store is a difficult task and that you have no patience or time for it, then you can think again! All you ever wanted to know about e-commerce is right here but let us first discuss whether online retail is necessary at all for your business.

Whether it is a small-time retailer or a major retail business owner, online presence is vital to give the right direction to any business of any size. In order to reach a wider audience composition, online media and its marketing techniques are inevitable for the brick and motor retailers as well.

In a recent study conducted by Forrester Research, online retail sales are estimated to reach $204 billion this year which a 17% increase over 2007. This is a clear indication that online retail is growing considerably every year, despite heavy competition from the sagging economy. Therefore, in order to provide free-shipping deals to save time and avoid burning gas and also add competitive edge to a small or medium-sized business, one needs to be online and visibly 'heard' and 'visited'.
Here are some of quick and easy steps of setting up an efficient e-commerce websites. Get started:

- Switch from dial-up to broadband for your personal connection: It greatly saves time and instant uploading of pictures, emailing, processing sales, etc can be done. Getting a server is always on the cards in case you really want to hit big time right from the start with an online sales & marketing team.

- Domain name registration is not a bad idea: You can register one even if you are in no immediate hurry to use it. This also helps in gaining credibility through a business specific email address.

- Use local business directories: Get listed in the major online local business directories of the likes of Yelp!, CitySearch, Yahoo Local, Google Local, MSN Live etc.

- Go slow and steady: Liquidating your services and products is helpful in the long run. It helps in emptying your piled up stock. This will help you in experiencing and learning the nuances of online selling before taking the final plunge.

- Current inventory system is also handy: Don't start off with a flashy inventory system right from the word 'go'. One can also use its existing inventory system in the initial stages. Then in the longer run, an upgraded POS can be used to handle your e-commerce sales more efficiently.

- Stick to your loyal employees: Being in the retail sector, one is bound to have their own workforce who can later take over the data entry work and support in your online sales endeavor.

The aforesaid steps play a key role in developing a profitable online presence and brand management of a product or a business. In the future, if you plan to give a major push to your business, opt for the online domain, as constructing an e-commerce website is not that difficult after all.


dianeclancy said...

Interesting article - nice blog you have set up.

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wizeguyztees said...

very cool post about the retail industry in India. I can see some of the similarities of what you would expect to see in the states. I had to stumble and review this because it was so nicely done. Hope u get some visitors.

PALS said...

All i can comment is the layout too but it is a great article. i agree.

Mine too needs layout modification. We might work together on something.

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