Monday, June 23, 2008

How digital marketing has boosted the Indian book publishing industry?

The Book publishing industry of India(worth 80-billion) is growing at a rapid pace of 15 percent every year. With innovative online marketing strategies being employed in the promotional activities, the industry is among the most flourishing and lucrative sectors in India.

It caters to a divergent literary and academic pool. The Indian books are published in 24 recognised languages out of which 18 are more prominent including English. Each language has its own readership and author-following. Moreover, India is the third largest English publisher, next only to the UK and the USA. It has a huge readership of Hindi (20,000 books published annually) followed by English, Tamil, Bangla and Marathi. Despite these staggering facts, the Indian book publishing industry has been facing issues related to the distribution and postal rates for the carriage of books.

Its solution came in the form of the online formats of promotional strategies in all aspects of the book-selling. Now, the publishers have been using blog discussions, e-mails to readers to promote newly launched titles and for previewing booklets.

What would the blogs for these books provide us with?

- Post-search tool for finding publications
- RSS subscription for visitors
- Information on latest and popular books
- Lead generation with readers' information on the site
- Fast indexing by search engines
- Instant feedback for new book titles
- Book reviews by experts,users

Why e-mail marketing for reaching the readers?

- Global reach as e-mailing is the most practised online activity
- Is cost effective as it reaches maximum audience at minimal expense
- Is interactive, with two-way communication
- Highly personalized
- Gives round-the-clock marketing
- Provides targeted marketing
- Offers Opt-in or unsubscribe options
- Gives fastest response

All in all, with the application of the online marketing techniques, the Indians books are getting more visibility and reaching a wider audience composition. Now the Indians books stand safe alongside the hard international competitors which earlier swept the market through the virtual book stores.

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