Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Customer Feedback matters in E-retailing!

The success of a communication process is directly proportional to the amount and nature of feedback generated from the target audience. Online retailing is a similar process, targeted at the online consumers to persuade and influence their buying behavior.

Customer feedback is the essence of the e-retail industry. Any business, online or offline, is targeted at existing as well as potential customers. Therefore, their opinion and suggestions need consideration and an outlet as well. It is not only vital in providing customer satisfaction but also improves the company's performance manifold.

There are various modes employed by the online retailers to facilitate the generation of a valuable customer feedback. Questionnaires, emails and online surveys are some of the popular means to generate customer feedback about their products and services. Further, customer care services are also crucial in feedback generation through tools such as live text/video chat.

Why do we need Customer feedback?

- Identifies weak areas in operations and poor performing products and services
- Helps in fulfilling consumer demands
- Improves the product quality
- Guides and assists in making positive changes in the performance output
- Reduces the number of dissatisfied consumers
- Increases customer loyalty to establish long-term relationships

Therefore, a centralized and integrated customer feedback management can develop a loyal customer base for an online business and is beneficial in a long run. It also stands as the basic difference between repeat business and a lost consumer.

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