Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tips to Remain Safe While Shopping Online!

The online shopping industry is growing leaps and bounds despite a major concern over the insecure online transaction. This security issue looms large on the future prospect and expansion quotient of the sector. In order to reap maximum benefits out of your online shopping experience, you need to be careful in the selection of a secure and trusted online store and the payment methods opted by you. There are criminals on the lookout of your credit card number and other personal information at almost every site.

Some key tips to stay safe in the online stores:
- Avoid clicking on links and try to search for a website independently in the address bar. This will keep you safe from any malicious spam.
- Wait for the address bar to signal a green light which is an indication that the website you are visiting has passed sufficient security check and is safe to be visited.
- The ever-so reliable SSL padlock helps you in establishing the site's authenticity. It aids in the identification of the site's owner and SSL certificate issuing agency.
- It is advisable to avoid the use of a debit card while making your online payments as it helps criminals in directly fraud your account and in case of theft, money-back process is longer in case of debit card than credit card.
- Try to make maximum to most purchases from a single credit card so as to avoid the mixing up of credit card information and the daily purchase as well.
- It is considered secure to employ a separate email account while registering on the online shopping portals. The passwords used in these accounts should be different from other personal account details.


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Annie said...

Hey! you mention not clicking on links but use the browser. What kind of links are you referring to? Some sites have merchant accounts and clicking the links on their sites are safe. Can you explain this point?

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thanks for these tips. with so many fraudulent sites present in the online world today, these tips are really useful to avoid theft.

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