Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hail Customers!

Hail customers! Hail Customers! Hail Customers! – Thus goes the legendary saying ages after ages. How to truly win your customer’s heart and rightfully fulfill their expectation is known to very few though.

Creating a presence in the customers’ mind which is already saturated with unlimited brands and products makes the job for businesses slightly tough. Consumer mindsets are like imaginary bubbles. They take shape of what they desire or harbour in their dreams. Underlining every desire though, is the value that every consumer seeks from a transaction, be it online or offline.

Maximum Value = Customer Retention

Just that one has to do it creatively. Times change. People change- every change is marked by the power of creative thought. Just like the genius of one generation is the common sense on the one succeeding it, emerging businesses in changing times, have to think innovation at every step.

An Example:

Creating contests to lure the customers is cliché. A contest may not always follow one’s whim and fantasy. Rewarding points to have your customers participate in contests is innovation. To ensure that you, as an enterprise value people’s most treasured currency, be it time or money will never let you down in the eyes of your audiences. They’ll value you for valuing it.

The above mentioned example is a unique strategy employed by an e-store called Retails Direct, in its newly born community feature called Café Retail. The idea is time-worn but this concept is the newest wrinkle ever introduced in the history of e-commerce.

Thus, the idea is to make your customers, your collaborative partners so that each one benefits from the mind pool created by both. Having inputs coming straight from the consumer themselves or rewarding them with points (to save their almighty money) to join hands with you is a well-thought out strategy to keep moving ahead with high tides.

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